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Jungle Juice Organic Super Greens


Jungle Juice Organic Super Greens
Nutrition Benefits of Jungle Juice:

Paramount Nutrition Jungle Juice Organic Super Greens with Coral Calcium, MSM & 14 Lactobacillus Pro Biotic is a nutritious powdered food mix rich in beneficial vitamins, minerals and enzymes designed to alkalize the body by enhancing the body's own healing mechanism's to create optimum cellular health from acidic to alkaline.

Use if you want to:

  • Alkalize the body
  • Boost daily vitamins and minerals
  • Improve cellular health
  • Improve the digestive system

Suggeted uses for Jungle Juice:

Can be taken upon waking, during the day or in the evening. Can be taken with or without food or as recommeneded by your health care professional. Jungle Juice can be enhanced by adding a serve of Paramount Nutrition L-Glutamine and a small amount of blackcurrant concentrate juice.

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