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BCAA+ Advanced Recovery Hydration Formula


Benefits of BCAA+:  

Paramount Nutrition BCAA+ with added Coral Calcium to help strengthen bones whilst the magnesium will assist in cell repair and muscle relaxation and MSM to reduce joint inflammation.  

Paramount Nutrition BCAA+ is an advanced formula which is designed to repair your muscles and keep you anabolic. It has properties to alkalize the body (rid the body of toxins) and stabilise hormones. 

Use if you want to:

  • Hydrate cells and rehydrate your body
  • Rid your body of toxins
  • Strengthen bones
  • Reduce lactic acid build up
  • Promote muscle repair and growth

About BCAA+:

Paramount Nutrition BCAA+ uses Eco Pure Coral consisting of 100% pure coral powder, an extremely fine powder with the consistency of talcum powder, so fine that a small amount on the tongue simply absorbs through the mouth. 

Coral calcium contains all the minerals naturally found in the human body and in similar proportions to those in the human body, it is easily digested and enters the bloodstream quickly.

Paramount Nutrition BCAA+
 is perfect for everybody including vegan and vegetarians and sufferers of Osteoporosis and other bone degenerative diseases.

Living coral reefs are not touched at all in the harvesting of our coral because it has been above the sea for thousands of years and fossilised in the earth, away from the pollutants of the sea! Clean pristine white heads are collected from beneath the soil and ozone treated ready for grinding.

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