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BCAA save the day - BMX racing

BCAA save the day - BMX racing

Hi guys Mark Mercuri here.
My legs get a little "crampy" after my first few practice laps and the last thing I want is for them to cramp up during a race.

I've been asked what I use to stop it so here's my Paramount Nutrition supplement recommendations and method of use for race days:

NOTE: This is my method and a method some other BMX racers have used that works for us. It may or may not work for you. I strongly suggest to contact your health and fitness professional to confirm the correct method for you.

The image below shows a testimonial from a fellow BMX racer I saw cramping up, on this day I gave him some of my Paramount Nutrition L-Glutamine Athlete Series in water and he came good (soreness gone) and he ended up finishing 2nd in one of his races.

BCAA save the day

Supplements and method Craig and I are using:

BCAA+ Advanced Recovery Hydration Formula

Paramount Nutrition L-Glutamine Athlete Series

Essential Magnesium Spray

Method of use:

1. Spray Paramount Nutrition Essential Magnesium Spray on legs (quads, hamstrings, claves and rub in lightly) Then wash hands with soap.

2. Mix BCAA+ with L-Glutamine 10-mins before racing starts OR if legs are feeling tight, after your first few practice laps. You may want another serve about half way through racing for your 3rd and final motos. (for exact doses, speak with your health and fitness professional)

3. A big carbohydrate and protein meal post racing is highly suggested too.

Remember, speak to your health and fitness professional for advice.

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Craig Graham sponsored by Paramount Nutrition

"I wanted to thank Mark and highlight how much benefit I got from the range of Paramount Nutrition products I use especially when I represented Australia at the 2018 BMX World Championships. Going from training in the cold of Melbourne to three solid days of practice and racing in the heat of Baku, I had no hydration or cramping issues and achieved results above my expectations. Its great to use and represent such high quality products from a reputable Australian brand."

Craig Graham Professional BMX Racer