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Why Paramount Nutrition

Why Paramount Nutrition
On Tuesday 12/9/2017 I had the pleasure and opportunity to meet with Bodi Turner, a BMX racer from the 2016 Rio Olympics. I had a series of questions in relation to training, nutrition and supplementation and what I learnt was not only knowledgeable, but how strict the guidelines are for supplement use at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS).


It was great to learn that Bodi was recommended a particular protein powder and so we did a comparison on ingredients and I was wrapped to show him how our Paramount Nutrition Whey Protein Plus+ was a better choice.

So what's the difference?

Personal trainers and fitness professionals should know what is and isn't good for us. What is necessary and what isn't. We've been shown how to read food labels but do we understand what it all means?
Unnecessary ingredients are added to products to "fill them out" for larger profits OR perhaps the ingredients are of a poor grade and need support to be "stable" (e.g for shelf life, chemical structure).

Like it or not, "cheaper" isn't always better.

A "cheap" personal trainer may not necessarily know the difference between high and low quality products, so you may get misinformed or sent to a store and sold goodness what. Does that store person train you? Do they know everything about you to determine what you may or may not need? OR how to incorporate a product into your nutrition plan?

Is a product necessary for you at all?

A quality personal trainer should know all this and should provide that higher level of service. Visit or contact one of our personal trainer stockists or health and fitness professionals here.

Do you know the difference between high quality supplements and others in stores? Well here's our take on it.

Ask the questions.
Where's all the money coming from for advertising, store overheads, fancy labels and endorsements of quite often "misleading results"? Remember the shareholders want their cut of the profit.
It costs money, loads of money for "testing" products and to put claims on labels like "banned substance tested". And in most, if not all cases the quality of the product is reduced to cover those costs.

Have you been fooled???

Don't be fooled by what's on the front of a product, any company can get a product tested, pay thousands of dollars to an "organisation" for an endorsement to say "it's been tested and safe for use", but all you need to do is read the fine print carefully on the sides or back of products to find out if they are of a higher standard or not.

Health and fitness professionals should know this stuff too! So pick their brain and ask them, that's what you pay them for!
Just because a product has labels on the front of them like shown below doesn't always mean they are of "the highest quality"

banned substance

So what is high quality???

Shown below are screenshots of two products from the same company with the above endorsement labels on the front of their products (Informed Choice OR Banned Substance Approved etc)

Product 1

Product 2

So when we look at these labels, not only do we want to know the macro ratio (protein/carbs/fat) of the product, but WHAT IS THE ACTUAL INGREDIENTS inside it to make up those ratios?

Do we need the following ingredients in our bodies for better performance or better health?
Emulsifers (soy lecithin)?
Vegetable gum?
Anti-cacking agents?
Silicon dioxide?
And goodness knows what other "fillers" or crap to increase profits instead of providing better quality!

Now check out our Whey Protein Plus ingredients here.

So go to your cupboard now, pull out your most recent protein powder and other supplements and compare the ingredients not just the macro ratios. Remember, no matter what brand or product you use, do your research, ask your trainer or health and fitness professional for more information and always assess your tolerance on supplements too.

If samples are available, take on and try it first. Paramount Nutrition often attend sporting events offering FREE samples of our products. To know when our next attendance will be LIKE and follow our Facebook page here.

And to buy Whey Protein Plus+ (the better choice) Click HERE

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Craig Graham sponsored by Paramount Nutrition

"I wanted to thank Mark and highlight how much benefit I got from the range of Paramount Nutrition products I use especially when I represented Australia at the 2018 BMX World Championships. Going from training in the cold of Melbourne to three solid days of practice and racing in the heat of Baku, I had no hydration or cramping issues and achieved results above my expectations. Its great to use and represent such high quality products from a reputable Australian brand."

Craig Graham Professional BMX Racer